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Waiting for Superman

     Waiting for Superman is a documentary made in 2010 about the struggles of American public education. The documentary points out “drop-out factories” and highlights the failure of educating the leaders of tomorrow.  As part of a fine art credit, I registered for a film class in college and was introduced to this documentary. Being a financial planning major, I watched the film through a financial filter. We’re lacking in general education but more specifically people are financially illiterate. How could we improve the education of basic financial planning in college and even high school to prepare them for the future?

Christmas Blues?

comicCan you relate to that comic strip*? 

In years past, we could!  Did it happen to you this year in spite of your determination to be a responsible spender?  Wouldn’t you like to make sure that never happens ever again?

   Did you find yourself saying things like this–

  “I’m really going to stay within my spending limit this year.”

  “I’m not going to use my credit cards…very much, I promise!”

  “I’ll just get this one thing that’s not on my list.”

  “I’ve done so well getting this done so early that I deserve to buy something for myself too.”

  “I’ve gotten so behind on the things I need to do that I deserve to buy something for myself too.”